Colour Blind Awareness Day 2018


We regularly give interviews and provide advice to newspapers, magazines, radio stations and television companies. We are also able to direct journalists/producers etc to many of our colour blind volunteers willing to describe in detail what it is like to be colour blind in everyday situations. Until we’re next commenting in the media we’d love you to read some of the following articles.

Our latest PR event is linked to FOOTBALL – see the bar at the top of this page for more information. This was launched as part of Colour Blind Awareness Day on 6th September 2018 supported by the FA.

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28 July 2016

PRESS RELEASE – Read about how we took on the BBC and won!

BBC Trust finds in favour of colour blind viewers

The Guardian 28 July 2016 BBC told do to more for colour blind viewers


It’s time designing for the colour blind became a more integrated component of academic and media training – London School of Economics Impact Blog – 31 July 2017

Read this excellent blog from Oliver Daddow of the University of Nottingham, on why academics, researchers and publishers must take account of colour blind people in data visualisations here

Ottawa LRT Maps Could Confound the Colour Blind – Ottawa Citizen October 2014

To read a copy of the article follow the link to the Ottawa Citizen website

Colorblind See Red Over Colorful Packaging – Columbia News Service/Star Tribune March 2012

To read a copy of the article follow the link to Columbia News Service

What I Think I Can See – Estates Gazette 23 July 2011

Part 2 of the Estates Gazette special report into how colour blindness affects people in the property industry, featuring Michael Green, Chief Executive of The British Council of Shopping Centres (BCSC – see

Download What I Think I Can See here (pdf)

Say What You See – Estates Gazette 16 July 2011

Part one of a two-part special report into how colour blindness affects the property sector

Download Estates Gazette Say What You See here (pdf)


Our #1ineveryclassroom campaign in 2015 was a great success, gaining coverage on TV and national radio stations – read more here and see the videos and TV coverage via our YouTube playlist by clicking here

Some of the articles we have written for the educational press are listed below and will be updated. Look out for our forthcoming article in Nasen Connect!

What Do You Really Know About Colour Blindness? – British Journal of School Nursing May 2015 British Journal of School Nursing May 2015

ATL Conference – Awareness of colour blindness amongst teachers – PRESS RELEASE 01 Apr 2015 ATL 2015 conference – Colour Blindness

#1ineveryclassroom campaign PRESS RELEASE 10 Feb 2015 #1ineveryclassroom press release

A Day in the Life of a Colour Blind Teacher – Innovate My School Nov 2014

To read a copy of the article follow the link to Innovate My School website

How to Identify Colour Blind Pupils in Your School – Innovate My School Oct 2014

To read a copy of the article follow the link to Innovate My Schoolwebsite.

Why Colour Really Does Matter – Prep School Summer 2011 Issue 71

Download Why Colour Really Does Matter here (pdf)
or visit the Prep School Magazine website by clicking this link

Colour-blind Children – Early Years Educator (EYE) Vol 12 No11 March 2011

An article written by well-known author, psychologist and childcare expert Karen Sullivan, describing the issues surrounding colour blindness in early years education.

Download Colour-blind Children here (pdf)
or visit the EYE website by clicking this link

The colour conundrum – SecEd January 27 2011

Another article by Karen Sullivan exploring the challenges faced by colour blind children and their teachers during secondary education.

Download The Colour Conundrum here (pdf)
or visit the SecEd website by clicking this link

The Unrecognised SEN – Attain Magazine, Autumn 2010

Download the article The Unrecognised SEN here (pdf)
or visit the Attain Magazine website by clicking this link


We’re having some success in colour blind friendly football kits! See

Colour blind awareness at the Europa League Final 2017


a report on our presentation to FESI, umbrella body for the European Sporting Goods Industry

plus this EURO21016 article from BT Sport

Here’s the real reason Wales and Portugal wore their away kits – and it’s a very good one!


Seeing Red by Oliver Morrison in 291 Magazine (New York) – October 2014

A fantastic article for colour blind people which investigates whether special glasses with coloured lenses might help with colour discrimination. To read the article follow this link to 291 Magazine.

Link to features on the BBC News website on colour blindness and computer games
Are Colour Blind Gamers Left Out? and
Call of Duty, Killzone and Mario through Colour Blind Eyes
and a similar article on the Humans Invent website, Game Therapy: Helping the Disabled to Play, which discusses the problems experienced by people with various disabilities, including colour blindness, which arise in computer gaming.

Also on the BBC website follow this link to How the Colour Blind See Art with Different Eyes