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#PrimaryColours is funded by the UEFA Foundation for Children and is a joint project with The FA PE Team, Premier League Primary Stars and Colour Blind Awareness.

The purpose of the project is to use the power of football to raise awareness in schools of the issues colour blind children face in the classroom. Before reading on, please watch our #1ineveryclassroom video to gain a better understanding of the everyday challenges colour blindness can create for young learners.

#PrimaryColours Factsheets

Primary Colours Factsheet for Teachers
Primary Colours Factsheet for Coaches
Primary Colours Factsheet for Parents
Primary Colours Poster for Schools and Sports Clubs

Further Information

Click on the menu at the top of this page to find our more about colour blindness. You can drill down for more detail by clicking the down arrows by each heading.

More Information For Teachers
Visit our interactive Teachers Resources page for more factsheets including information on EYFS/Secondary Schools/Colleges/careers, videos, booklets and IEP templates for student records.

More Information For Coaches
Visit our Sport and Coaching sections for guidance documents, factsheets and videos – in particular watch the FA’s ‘The Colourful Game‘ mini-documentary.

More Information For Parents
Visit our Parents pages for more information on diagnosis and how to support your child at home, in school, when playing sport and in their future careers.

Our #PrimaryColours Partners

We are proud to have won the UEFA Foundation for Children Award in 2019 on behalf of England – click here for more information . We decided to use the award to support as many colour blind children in England as possible by combining our work in football with our work in primary schools. We are delighted to be supported in what has become the #PrimaryColours project by The FA PE Unit and Premier League Primary Stars.

You can find out more about each of our Partners by clicking on the links below
UEFA Foundation for Children
The FA PE Team
Premier League Primary Stars

5-a-side - normal vision

Normal Vision

5-a-side - protanopia


Further Resources


Colour Blind Awareness You Tube Channel for a range of videos for education and sport including TV clips and BBC Newsround’s reassuring clip for colour blind primary school children.

Useful Apps And Software

Use Apps like iDaltonizer (iOS) CVSimulator (iOS/Android/Web) on your tablet or mobile phone to see how your classroom/resources, your sports kit and equipment and everyday items in your home might appear to colour blind children.