Colour Blind Awareness Day


The main aim of the Colour Blind Awareness Organisation is to raise awareness of, and provide support for, colour blind children especially in schools and in particular where colour blind children have other Special Educational Needs.

If you would like to make a donation we would be extremely grateful for any donation you can give, however small, which can be made by clicking the DONATE button below (to donate via PayPal).

Our work

We are consulting with various UK Government Departments to improve recognition of the needs of people with colour blindness in the UK. For example, thanks to the pressure we have applied to them the Department for Education now accepts that colour blindness can be considered to be both a special educational need and a disability. However, the Government Equalities Office is putting up a fight and is currently unwilling to reconsider removing confusing wording from the Guidance Notes to the Equality Act 2010 which appears to contradicts this and confuses not only people with colour blindness but also employers, businesses and schools. We will keep putting pressure onto the GEO and also to the Department of Health which still needs to recognise that removal of screening of children for CVD at school entry was a backward step.

We also challenge organisations which don’t take reasonable steps to be inclusive of people with colour blindness and we have had some notable success, such as challenging the BBC. We ensure that issues surrounding colour blindness are discussed in the media and we write many articles published in educational magazines; give radio and TV interviews and interviews to the mainstream press – see the Press section for more information.

We provide subsidised services for schools including training sessions for teaching staff, provision of advice sheets, meeting with Special Needs Co-ordinators and we provide a screening service for schools to allow them to identify undiagnosed pupils with colour vision deficiencies.

We are also raising awareness with the producers of educational resources, including textbook producers and producers of educational toys.

In order to continue to provide our existing service, but preferably to expand it considerably, we desperately need financial assistance from individuals, institutions and companies willing to donate funds, offer sponsorship, to make grants from Trusts (such as those which support educational causes) or provide any other financial assistance.

We would be most grateful to hear from any individuals, companies or institutions willing to support us financially in any way. If you represent a company wishing to explore sponsorship opportunities etc then please contact Kathryn Albany-Ward, our Founder, via

Colour Blind Awareness CIC (Community Interest Company) is a not-for-profit organisation regulated by the UK government. CICs are specifically designed to be easily converted to charities. The intention of the Organisation is to convert from a CIC to charitable status as soon as possible. as without charitable status we do not qualify to apply for funding or grants from most bodies which offer grants and trust funds e.g. the National Lottery.

Your donation will also help to fund the costs of converting to charitable status. Please be assured that your donation will only be used for non-profitmaking purposes to raise awareness of colour blindness. Colour Blind Awareness CIC is regulated by the CIC Regulator. If you would like more information before making your donation please go to the CIC regulator’s website by following this link to

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