Colour Blind Awareness Day


This is the area of everyday life where people with normal colour vision can accept that colour blind people will have difficulty and it is the area where most schools do actually take some action to try and help their colour blind pupils. Colouring pencils and paints might be labelled with the name of the colour and teachers are likely to give their colour blind pupils some leeway if the colours they use for their artwork look rather strange. Some famous artists such as Constable and Picasso are thought to have been colour blind and yet were very successful. Many colour blind people appreciate and enjoy creating art. However, colour blind people are unlikely to choose to study art/design/graphics because they recognise that they are disadvantaged when compared to colour normal students.

There are nevertheless many colour blind people working as artists and in design, printing and similar careers who manage to cope with just the occasional help from their peers by taking advantage of computer software designed to identify pantone colours etc.

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