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If you’re looking for the answer to our Easter 2022 fun quiz, it’s 7 orange eggs. The orange eggs are shown by white circles, the red eggs by blue triangles and the blue eggs by yellow squares. The remaining eggs are green!

At Colour Blind Awareness there are many ways in which we work to raise awareness across different sectors and we place great importance upon our campaigns. You can see videos of our activities and campaigns when our YouTube channel Colour Blind Awareness as well as on our social media pages.

KAW BBC Breakfast

We are involved in numerous promotional activities across different types of media on an ongoing basis, depending upon what’s happening in the news. For example, in Winter of 2021/22 we were involved in extensive media coverage around the publication of World Rugby guidelines on colour blindness and the impact of these on various competitions such as the 2022 Six Nations, whilst in Spring 2021 we were heavily involved in the media coverage of colour blind kit ‘clash’ football matches, mainly from the Premier League.

KAW Sky Sports 190121

In general, these are specific campaigns that we develop ourselves with our media contacts, but we also create campaigns to raise  awareness in the general public which everyone can participate in.

Colour Blind Awareness Day

Our most important campaign is Colour Blind Awareness Day which takes place on 6 September every year. From a standing start in 2015, thanks to the help of some amazing partners and Ambassadors, in 2022 we achieved 37 million social media impressions!

We’d love everyone to spread the word, especially across social media using the #ColourBlindAwarenessDay. Please help us to continue to grow awareness each year – put the date in your diary!

Find out more about Colour Blind Awareness Day

Campaigns in sport

In sport we run campaigns to raise awareness at conferences across many different roles from coach educators to inclusion. We have supported UEFA and other organisations many times at various events by making use of our simple sports socks activity. You can see this in action with former International footballers learning about colour blindness  – Fernando Morientes trying our socks at the UEFA Champions League Equal Game zone in Madrid in 2019 and with Eric Abidal in Lyon The Colourful Game video.

Abidal with shirt

With funding from a UEFA Foundation for Children Award we are currently working with the FA and Premier League to promote our #PrimaryColours campaign in schools. This campaign trains coaches and PE teachers working in primary schools about colour blindness in football and encourages participants to share techniques learnt with teaching colleagues in mainstream education techniques. Resources have also been created for schools, coaches and parents. Read more about #PrimaryColours.

Campaigns in Education

Just One Thing – Coming Soon – 27th April 2022

In education our campaign for 2022 is centred around the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and we delighted to have partnered with colour blind children’s illustrator Steve Antony. Steve has helped us to develop resources based around an activity for primary school children. Children are asked to redesign the Queen’s Hat from his very successful children’s book The Queens Hat. The campaign is aimed at raising awareness of colour blindness for teachers and encourages them to start by doing Just One Thing to help the colour blind children in their classrooms. Find out more about our Just One Thing campaign here.

One in Every Classroom

We also continue to promote our #1inEveryClassroom campaign in education on an ongoing basis. We consistently promote the hashtag around various activities in our social media pages but have had specific promotions to highlight

The publication of our #1inEveryClassroom infographic animation for teachers and schools for Colour Blind Awareness Day 2019.

Our appearance on BBC Breakfast in May 2019 – watch.

Promotion of a short animation inspired by 5 year old Marcus which was publicised on regional TV  via BBC Look North and BBC South Today in 2015.

a short animation inspired by 5 year old Marcus