Colour Blind Awareness Day

Simple Solutions – We’re here to help!

In the UK, colour blindness can be considered a disability under the Equality Act 2010 and it is incumbent on all areas of society, including the sporting world, to do what they can to reduce the difficulties faced by colour blind people.

At Colour Blind Awareness, our mission is to raise awareness of colour blindness and work with third parties to improve their services, workplace and social environments to make them more accessible. The best results come from a holistic approach, based on a coherent integration of a few simple solutions.

Simple Solutions

We work with:

  • Governing bodies and clubs to provide Formal guidance e.g. The Football Association, UEFA
  • Coaching bodies and management to provide training to support colour blind players and staff
  • Governing bodies, clubs, designers and architects to develop effective wayfinding strategies and accessible digital information

We also:

  • Raise awareness amongst external stakeholders e.g. broadcasters such as Sky Sports, equipment suppliers
  • Work with third parties to provide effective solutions

      As a result

      We help to create

      • Fully accessible stadia, websites, ticketing and corporate information
      • Fully inclusive participation for players and spectators
      • Opportunities to exploit the business case (sponsors/broadcasting rights/ticket sales)

      Unfortunately, due to the amount of money sport attracts and the high profile our work has gained recently in the media, some less scrupulous organisations are attempting to sell potential solutions to clubs and other organisations which are not satisfactory and do not resolve issue for colour blind people. Some even link to our website from their own, implying we support their products when we do not.

      We pride ourselves on the fact that we will only provide independent advice and do not have financial links to any products or companies offering potential solutions. Therefore, if you ask our advice, you can be confident that if we suggest potential solutions we will not gain financially from these.

      We specifically do not endorse any tools from any organisation which can allow users to change the colour scheme of a website e.g. for a club website, because changing the colour scheme cannot be guaranteed to resolve problems for colour blind people.

      One example of positive change we were able to influence was in 2012 when we approached Sunset and Vine, the production company responsible for Cricket on 5, to let them know their wagon wheel graphics were inaccessible for many colour blind people.

      The positive attitude of the production team resulted in subtle changes (such as increasing contrast between foreground and background colours) which allowed colour blind viewers to understand the information more easily, with no adverse effect for other viewers.

      We feel it is very important that all our viewers get the ultimate enjoyment from our programme so we will do what we can to ensure that we make the necessary changes if possible.

      Dylan Jane, Executive Producer, Cricket on Five, Sunset+Vine Productions

      Since then we have been able to influence change in many areas of sport. If you would like to know more about how we can help your organisation please contact us at and see a brief summary of our involvement in different areas of sport Colour Blindness Awareness – work in sport

      On-Going Commitment

      It’s important to review regularly the measures and guidelines put in place to assist colour blind people and to ensure they are implemented in all areas as part of any overall upgrades e.g. to wayfinding information, stewards’ training packs and so on.


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