Colour Blind Awareness Day 2019

Colour Blindness: Experience it

Find out what it is like to be colour blind by exploring the many links from this page to other websites which have been produced to show people with normal colour vision what it is like to live in a colour blind world.

Take the Colorblind World test to see how you might cope if you were colour blind! The test displays a series of slides that illustrate how colour vision defects cause problems in the real world. It is available at shows various simulations for different types of colour blindness. Amongst the images you can see how someone who is red/green colour blind ‘sees’ a red fire engine, a rainbow and a outdoor cafe/street scene.

Normal VisionDeuteranopiaProtanopiaTritanopia

Also try:- Select Colorblind from the Vision section then you can choose from various photographs and the site will simulate the photograph in whichever type of colour blind condition you choose.

Colour vision simulators

Even more interesting are colour blindness simulators such as ColorOracle, Coblis and Colour Contrast Analyser (all can be found via Google search but be aware no simulators are 100% accurate for each type or severity). These allow you to upload your own images of simulate images on your screen. There are some great simulation apps for smartphones such as iDaltonizer (iOS only) and CVSimulator too.

The Australian Colour Blind Awarenesss website provides advice and links to further websites which simulate what it is like to be colour blind at

Within there are some interesting stories and comments from colour blind people and parents of colour blind children – see Frequently Asked Questions and follow the page to Shared Stories.