Colour Blind Awareness Day 2019

Colour Blind Awareness Day 2019

6th September 2019

Just 3 weeks to go until Colour Blind Awareness Day 2019!

After the huge success of our football animation in 2018 (thanks to the FA and UEFA), this year we’re creating a new animation video to highlight the problems facing colour blind children in their education. We’ll be posting it here and across our social media pages on the day. We’ve seen the draft and we’re very excited!

We’ll also be asking colour blind people from all walks of life to post selfie videos to social media using our hashtags. We want everyone who’s colour blind to be proud to be #Iam1in12 or #Iam1in200.

We’d love it if families and friends will join in by posting selfie videos to show they stand up for the colour blind people they know. Teachers can help by posting videos in support of their #1ineveryclassroom colour blind pupils.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that a few colour blind celebrities might join in too!

More to follow soon! 16 August 2019.

As usual we’ll be celebrating Colour Blind Awareness Day on 6th September 2019. We’re currently working on a new project for this year’s celebration so watch this space for more information coming soon!

In the meantime please continue to enjoy our Gif and message from last year and please keep supporting our campaign by commenting on social media quoting any or all of the hashtags below.

#Iam1in12 #Iam1in200
#1in12boys #1in12men #1in200girls #1in200women

This year we’re especially keen to highlight issues in the classroom and will be publishing your comments about your experiences at school using #Iwishmyteacherknew on our social media accounts.

We’re proud to have the continued support of our amazing friends

The Football Association
Centre for Access to Football In Europe (CAFE)
Level Playing Field

…and our social media followers around the world and we hope to make Colour Blind Awareness Day 2018 the biggest ever!

Without raising the profile of colour blindness nothing will change, meaning colour blind people – you, perhaps, or your children, relatives, friends, colleagues and sporting heroes, will continue to face discrimination in school, at work, watching and playing sport, at the shops or just browsing the internet.

Don’t be left out – join in and be part of the revolution!
Let’s create positive change for over 300 million people on Colour Blind Awareness Day 2018!


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